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Rakuten Optimism Rakuten Optimism

Rakuten Optimism 2022
- Virtual business conference. Details coming soon!


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Rakuten Optimism2022

Rakuten = Optimism.

The largest annual business event hosted by the Rakuten Group.

Mobile, e-commerce, fintech, marketing, sustainability, technology and more.
Rakuten Optimism 2022 welcomes many of the world's top luminaries and business leaders to reflect on the myriad ways in which the world is changing around us, the challenges facing society, the possibilities created by digitalization and how our lives can be enriched as a result.

Discover new ideas and gain fresh perspectives while looking ahead to an even brighter future.

Check out past Rakuten Optimism events held in Japan.

Rakuten Optimism2021

Rakuten Optimism 2021 was a two-day virtual business conference held exclusively online.

Rakuten Optimism2019

Check out highlights and what attendees saw at Rakuten Optimism 2019 in Japan.

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