What’s Rakuten Optimism?

Rakuten Optimism is one of the largest events held by Rakuten, where people can discover a better tomorrow and experience a brighter future.

Rakuten Optimism 2022

The Future is in Motion

United under the theme of “Tech & Green: The future is in motion,” top luminaries and business leaders from around the world share insights on the latest innovations in tech, sustainability and more at this premier online business conference.

Rakuten Optimism is an event series designed to inspire visions of a shared brighter future, provide opportunities to discover joy, and deepen the understanding of the services and ideals underpinning the Rakuten Group’s unique ecosystem. Rakuten Optimism was first held in Japan in 2019. Last year’s edition was held as an online event, recording a total of more than 266,000 views during the conference.

Building on this history of success, Rakuten Optimism 2022 is also being held as a virtual business conference, and welcomes many of the world’s top luminaries and business leaders from across a broad range of industries for discussions on a wide variety of themes including technology, sustainability, mobile, e-commerce, fintech, marketing and entertainment.

Under the theme of “Tech & Green: The future is in motion,” this year’s conference offers participants opportunities to discover new ideas and gain fresh perspectives by reflecting on the myriad ways in which the world is changing around us, while looking ahead with optimism to an even brighter future.

Believe in the Future:
The Challenge Continues

On February 7, 2022, Rakuten celebrated its 25th anniversary.
In 1997 they said, "People don't buy things on the internet." Rakuten Ichiba began with the idea of making it easier for anyone,
including local and regional merchants, to open their own online store, without having to be tech savvy.

25 years later, Rakuten continues to work to create new value – not only in shopping,
but in diverse fields such as travel, finance, mobile communications and sports.
At Rakuten, we believe in the future.
This year, we are turning a new page in our commitment to sustainability, with an even stronger focus on creating a greener society.
To achieve these goals and make real change in the world,we will continue to draw on technology and business innovation,and we will pursue value in new ideas, rather than just accepting existing expectations.

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Rakuten = Optimism

In Japanese, Rakuten means “optimism.” This philosophy lies at the core of our brand. For us, optimism has a special meaning. It expresses our positive outlook and dedication to building a better future, thereby empowering individuals, businesses and societies to realize their dreams.
We embrace new and disruptive ideas, as well as the commitment to act on them, and have the operational agility to implement and deliver at speed.