What’s Rakuten Optimism?

Rakuten Optimism is one of the largest events held by Rakuten in Japan, where people can learn about a better future and experience a brighter future.

Rakuten Optimism 2021

Top luminaries and business leaders from around the world share their insights on the latest innovations in tech and digital transformation at this premier online business conference.

Rakuten Optimism is an event series designed to inspire visions of a shared brighter future, provide opportunities to discover joy, and deepen the understanding of the services and ideals underpinning the Rakuten Group Ecosystem. The first-ever Rakuten Optimism conference held in Japan played host to approximately 80,000 guests in Yokohama from July 31 to August 3, 2019.

This year’s online format leverages the New Normal to not only prevent the spread of COVID-19 but also welcome speakers and guests from around the world, providing participants with a broad-ranging and engaging experience featuring top CEOs, thought leaders and creators. The virtual business conference highlights a wide range of themes including mobile, e-commerce, fintech and marketing, covering the full breadth of Rakuten's expansive ecosystem. Rakuten Optimism 2021 welcomes many of the world’s top luminaries and business leaders to reflect on the myriad ways in which the world is changing around us, and how our lives can be enriched as a result.

Rakuten Optimism 2019

Overview of past events

New discoveries at every turn

Interactive Event & Festival

With exhibitions and booths for all ages, visitors were offered unique experiences through a 5G lens, savored culinary delights from across Japan, and even got to meet Rakuten's official mascot, Okaimono Panda.

Transforming the world through innovation

Business Conference

Top-tier speakers from around the globe took to the stage alongside business leaders from the Rakuten Group. Inspirational talks and panel discussions included consideration of how 5G era-led innovation will transform a wide variety of fields.

Rakuten = Optimism

In Japanese, Rakuten means “optimism.” This philosophy lies at the core of our brand. For us, optimism has a special meaning. It expresses our positive outlook and dedication to building a better future, thereby empowering individuals, businesses and societies to realize their dreams.
We embrace new and disruptive ideas, as well as the commitment to act on them, and have the operational agility to implement and deliver at speed.

Our Philosophy